1. TweetBook?

    • Yes, a book composed of any Twitter user’s history of tweets.

  2. Seriously?

    • Yes, we are printing and shipping TweetBookz!

  3. Ok, so what is actually a TweetBook?

    • TweetBookz are 5.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide
    • Books are composed of up to 200 tweets, one per page, starting from your most recent
    • You can chose to remove any tweets you don’t want included
    • All our covers are printed in full color
    • All insides of books are black-white
    • You have the choice of soft or hard covers for your book

  4. Ok, TweetBookz! What do I need to know and do?

    • From our homepage, simply click the large button to login to your Twitter account (we will never ask you or have access to your Twitter password). Each book automatically gets filled with your last 200 tweets. You can chose to remove any tweet you want as well as chose between one of four different design templates.
    • When you are ready to order your book just click on the big “order” button.
    • Then you need to enter your shipping and billing address info before we can present you with the various shipping options.
    • Select your shipping preferences and then you’ll see the PayPal link
    • We use PayPal to fulfill the billing of all TweetBookz.

  5. How much does it cost?

    • Hard cover books cost $24.99 and soft cover books cost $14.99

  6. Is there a minimum number of tweets I need to have? How small can the books be?

    • You need at least one tweet that we can print and books are printed with a minimum of 20 pages (holding 40 tweets). If you have fewer than 40 tweets we will fill in the rest with nicely designed blank pages.

  7. Do you offer special deals for bulk order, corporate sales?

    • Yes! We can print all sorts of customized books, with your company’s logo on the cover and even a full-color interior for the book. Please contact us with some information and we'll get right back to you!

  8. What languages do you support?

    • We've tested and guarantee that all standard English language characters are printed properly as well as Spanish, French, Swedish and Hebrew.

  9. What features are you planning for the future?

    • Books that hold more tweets, options for color interiors, personalized design templates and much more – stay tuned and also let us know what you think.

  10. What kind of paper do you print on?

    • The paper we use is recycled and is FSC certified.

  11. How long does it take to receive orders?

    • Soft cover books will be ready to ship within 3 working days (Mon-Fri) of the order being placed. Hard cover books will be ready to ship within 5 working days of order being placed. Actual shipping time depends on what you ordered (regular or faster shipping).

  12. What sort of guarantee do you offer?

    • We guarantee your satisfaction with the workmanship of your book. If your book has arrived damaged or has some type manufacturing defect please contact us within 14 days of receipt of product.
    • Your message must contain the following:

      1. Order number.
      2. Description of the defect.
      3. Address and phone number.

    • We do not accept returns or process refunds for any reason, except to the extent we guarantee your satisfaction with the workmanship of our books, as described above. When creating books we do not proof, edit, or alter your content in any way and are not responsible for typos, grammar, other text errors and low-resolution Twitter profile images.

  13. Who is behind this venture?

    • TweetBookz.com is the vision and baby of Asael Kahana and Jacob Shwirtz, co-founders of the boutique web strategy agency known as Definitely Something. Follow us @defsome, @asael and @shwirtz.
    • TweetBookz.com, Definitely Something Ltd. and our printed books are in no way associated with Twitter. We have nothing but respect for the Twitter company, service and its users.