Turn Your Twitter™ Tweets Into Books!

New York, NY , November 23, 2009 – Millions of Twitter™ users have the chance to save their fleeting “tweets” as a permanent printed and bound record at TweetBookz is launched at the end of November. The trendy books, in hard or soft covers, are available online from www.TweetBookz.com and will contain up to 200 of their most memorable tweets. Users just log onto the site where they can access their own tweets and choose from their favorite ones.

To keep the tweets authentic, users are not allowed to edit past tweets or add new tweets directly to the books. Additionally, users CANNOT purchase books of other people’s tweets, although they can send gift cards to fellow Twitter users enabling them to print their own books.

TweetBookz.com is the brainchild of Definitely Something Ltd., a boutique web strategy agency which has created successful online projects for such companies as MTV, VH1 and Zagat Survey. TweetBookz.com is not affiliated with Twitter, but is one of a growing number of independent companies which is furthering the Twitter phenomenon.

Says TweetBookz.com co-founders, Jacob Shwirtz and Asael Kahana: "This is a fun way to look back on your favorite tweets and capture all the emotion of those moments to keep forever. It’s a great gift either for family, friends or just for yourself."

Users are able to choose from four unique designs and colors. TweetBookz covers are printed in full color while inside pages printed on recycled paper in striking black and white for dramatic effect. Each book stands 5.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide and is composed of up to 200 tweets, one per page, starting from the most recent. Purchasers can chose to remove any tweets they don’t want included. All books are printed in the USA.

Hard cover books cost $24.99 and soft cover books cost $14.99 – plus appropriate shipping and handling. TweetBookz are printed in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew. Soft cover books ship within 3 working days (Mon-Fri) of the order, while hard cover books will be ready to ship within 5 working days of placed order. Books can also be custom printed for corporate gifts and bulk orders receive a discount.

For more information visit www.TweetBookz.com

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